Eleven Months


It seems as if Theo’s development has exploded in the past few weeks. He gives the best hugs (sometimes painfully wonderful) but I think gigi has been getting the best of the best. He is so much fun to take on adventures and wants to climb on everything (the table and stairs are his favorites). He has also begun to throw fits when something doesn’t go his way – but only at home and they are easily distracted at this point (whew!). Waving, pointing and clapping are all novel new additions that get mama and papa cheering and squealing with delight. Theo has eight teeth and I am convinced that the next round are coming in now. He loves to chew on everything, except food. Theo is very cautious around food but does enjoy eating apples, pesto and minestrone. Story time has become so much fun now that Theo likes to look at the pictures. He loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear and There is a Monster at the End of this Book. He has gotten really good at turning the pages but sometimes prefers to speed read. I still can’t believe that it has been almost a whole year! I love being his mama!