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Adventures of my own.

Eleven Months

It seems as if Theo’s development has exploded in the past few weeks. He gives the best hugs (sometimesView full post »

Winter Blues

It has been a very cold winter for Western Washington and I am craving the arrival of spring. I am working on a monthlyView full post »

The Food Journey Continues

Theo has begun to enjoy eating now that he’s 8 months and has more fine motor skills! He is still not too sureView full post »

Food brings us together

Gigi has reluctantly accepted Theo. Theo is obsessed with her but Gigi misses being the center of attention. She missesView full post »

Rex Wrecks It! Board Book

It’s been a dark dark winter so these photos are grainy but they are still sweet. My little Theo is 7 months oldView full post »

Birthdays at Discovery Park

We went on an easy hike for my brother’s birthday in July to enjoy the gorgeous Seattle summer weather. Theo wasView full post »

Baby Clanton

Theodore Atticus Clanton made his debut in May. We cannot be more thrilled to have him in our lives! His birth wentView full post »

The Wedge Ceramics

We made a trip down to Reno, Nevada to visit Ben’s sister and brother-in-law while on our cross country road tripView full post »

Cross Country Road Trip

Ben and I made our way back to Seattle this summer with a cross country road trip. We started in Massachusetts, droveView full post »

Spring in New York

When last visiting NYC, we made a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I can get lost in that museum! My favoriteView full post »

New England Aquarium

This summer was a hot one so we spent a lot of time hiding out at the New England Aquarium. It is one of my favoriteView full post »

First Snow

We had our first snow around Thanksgiving this year. Since then, it has all disappeared leaving us with a mild NewView full post »