Art Session

Here are a few photos from a little art session we had.  I am in love with the tiger the 3 year old made (I drew it, he painted it, we cut it. Team work!)

Changing Seasons Farm

We celebrated our friend’s birthday at Changing Season’s Farm this past weekend.  Carnation, Washington sure is beautiful country!  The day was made complete by tractor rides on an old 1940s tractor, a rope swing, hula hoops and good company.

– Kelsey

September 21, 2012 - 7:30 pm

Brandon Adams - LOVE THESE! Love your whole website, actually. Amazing stuff Kelsey!

September 21, 2012 - 7:38 pm

Kelsey - Thanks Brandon!! We want to go back to your farm sometime! Will there be pumpkins?

Happy Birthday Ben

We celebrated Ben’s birthday this weekend with a trip the Seattle Art Museum.  Ben received a membership from his grandmother for his birthday . . . gifts that keep giving are the best!  We got to see the Australian Aboriginal Art exhibit and it was fascinating!  I loved the abstract storytelling and the photos of the artists at work.  No photos were allowed in the exhibit but we did have enough time to look around some of the other exhibits (the two masks below were my favorite out of the HUGE collection they had.)

We finished the day with a quick trip to Elliot Bay Books (our favorite local bookstore) and saw one of Ben’s picture books on the featured shelf!  It’s always exciting seeing his work around town!

– Kelsey