Eleven Months

It seems as if Theo’s development has exploded in

Winter Blues

It has been a very cold winter for Western Washington

The Food Journey Continues

Theo has begun to enjoy eating now that he’s 8

Food brings us together

Gigi has reluctantly accepted Theo. Theo is obsessed

Rex Wrecks It! Board Book

It’s been a dark dark winter so these photos are

Birthdays at Discovery Park

We went on an easy hike for my brother’s birthday

Baby Clanton

Theodore Atticus Clanton made his debut in May. We

Grandma Dorothy

My wonderful grandmother enjoying the summer at the

The Wedge Ceramics

We made a trip down to Reno, Nevada to visit Ben’

Cross Country Road Trip

Ben and I made our way back to Seattle this summer with

Spring in New York

When last visiting NYC, we made a trip to the

New England Aquarium

This summer was a hot one so we spent a lot of time

First Snow

We had our first snow around Thanksgiving this year.

Monterey Massachusetts

We made a trip out to Western Massachusetts last spring

Rex Wrecks It!

Ben’s newest book, Rex Wrecks it! came out this

Edward Gorey House

We made a trip down to Cape Cod this July and

My Very Awesome Husband

Ben writes and illustrates picture books! He HATES

First Year of Teaching

These doodles are my life right now. My crazy busy

Winter in Massachusetts

Christmas in Massachusetts! It was cold and white and

New York City

A little bit of New York City in the fall. It was my

Crane Beach

We discovered a beautiful beach on the north shore of

Our Goldendoodle

A little flash back to this summer.  Sunny warm days

Little Swazi

The P. family ‘s new puppy!

Spring in Montana Part II

A few black and white film photos from our spring trip

Spring in Montana

On our big move to the east coast, we stopped over in

A Little Bit of Seattle

My favorite place in Seattle is . . . The Arboretum

Mount Rushmore

After Yellowstone National Park, we drove on through to

Yellowstone National Park

Get ready for about a gazillion photos from my film

Tacoma Art

We made a trip out to the Tacoma Art Museum to see the

The Cascades

Our little trip to Washington’s beautiful

From Here to There

We made the big move from Seattle, Washington to north

A Tremendous Thing

“‘Why did you do all this for me?’ he

A Friend

“‘You must be a friend,’ said


“You know that place between sleep and awake, the


“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six

Our Designs on Minted

Did you know that Ben and I design cards for Minted.com

The Sweetest Jen | Seattle Portrait Photographer

Jen is one of my favorite mamas out there! She is the

Gigi the Fluffernutter

That’s my fluffernutter.  Gigi.  I’m

Skykomish Snowshoe

Washington state is gorgeous in the winter!  We made a

Seattle Arboretum Walks

The Washington Park Arboretum is my favorite place in

Me and the Dogs | Seattle Portrait Photographer

Meet Seattle business owner Teresa Walsh, of Me and the

Artist at Work

Ben just finished the artwork for his latest book &#

Self Portrait

Did you know that I hate having my photo taken? Yep, it

The kittens and the bath

Our kittens have recently discovered the bath tub /

Fresh Juice

Ben and I have recently acquired an old but reliable

My Husband the Imaginator

Meet my amazing husband.  He makes books.  Doodling,

Penspaper Studio | Seattle Portrait Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing the amazing

A Visual Ode to Childhood

Adventures, wanderings, dreams . . . I love the way

His eyes

His eyes were blue when we first got him.  Our little

Cardboard box house

Our cats love cardboard boxes. I love making things out